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We transform digital businesses through intelligent automation

Enterprise companies today use over 1,100 apps in their organizations, with an employee actively working with 36 apps on average, each day. The growth in SaaS, microservices, and APIs has resulted in customer data getting fragmented across all these apps. Meanwhile, IT teams are getting backlogged with integration and automation projects. Both issues are throttling the speed at which digital initiatives can be implemented by an enterprise.

We’re here to fix that by:

  • Providing a cloud-native, consumer-scale (better than enterprise grade) platform that can handle app, data, API, integrations and process automation.
  • Enabling IT and business users (like App Admins, Business Analysts, Biz Ops) to build integrations and automations while providing the tools to IT to manage and govern them.
  • Empowering everyone in the business to have relevant info and better workflows through AI-powered chatbots.

Above all, we are helping companies anticipate new waves of technology, such as machine learning and AI, by enabling them to build and operate integrations and automations faster than ever before.

We have a long history of reimagining integration in anticipation of the future. Before Workato, we did it at TIBCO, Oracle Fusion Middleware, Salesforce and other companies. Now, we are here to reinvent integration once again!